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May Dye Sublimation Inks Be applied on Substrates Other Than Material? How to Find a Dye Subwoofer Printer?
Question: Can an inketjet printer be used for Dye-Sublimation after currently having been used with regular ink?

Answer: No . The two kinds of printers are mutually exclusive towards the types of material that are being imprinted.

heat transfer vinyl

First, traditional dye sublimation printing of cloths as well as fabrics is done with a CMYO ink set, which is not the same as CMYK. The CMYO ("O" stands for the clear over-print) printing is printed to some transfer paper, and then put on the fabric using heat and also pressure. The "O" after that becomes the black, therefore the net result is CMYK.

heat transfer vinyl

Newer dye sub ink jet printers use a CMYK print settings as they are direct-to-fabric printing, but are still different inks than you would print vinyl ads or decals with. The actual chemical formulation of the ink used for direct dye subwoofer printing are specifically for artificial materials such as nylon or even polyester.
Question: Hi. I am looking for suggestions on a color sublimation printer?
Answer: Are you searching for the printer itself, and/or you looking for a printer which prints using dye sublimation?
I'll answer both queries. First, if you want a printing device, I would suggest only looking at Japan or Korean printers, along with stay away from the rest. This would consist of many good makes, such as Seiko, Mimaki, and Cannon, to name a few.
Secondly, I would stay away from printers that use the old method of dye sub publishing as elucidated in the over question. Direct-to-fabric or towel dye sublimation printing is a lot less complicated with much less opportunity of expensive errors.
Now, if you are looking for a dye sublimation material or cloth banner or perhaps display printer, a company that really does the printing, this will be an alternative subject, as you're speaking about the company itself as well as the machines they use.
First, ask exactly what printers are being used. Printers produced, for instance, in India or maybe China are currently simply not as much as snuff when it comes to print high quality. The inks are sub-par, which in turn creates sub-par showing up banners. I've seen this particular first hand, and it's not quite.
Second, the quality of the company by itself should be investigated. Google the company, and go a minimum of 10 pages deep online. If there are no complaints upon consumer watchdog sites such as the Better Business Bureau website, or websites like ComplaintBoard. com as well as RipOffReport. com, then you can anticipate that this is a good company.
When there is a complaint, though, perform read the company point of view. You will find occasional clients who have impractical expectations, and no one could make sure you them. This reminds me associated with my friend and colleague, Frank, who had a client who desired his colors to be extremely specific. After several attempts at printing the right colour, Bob, exasperated, finally believed to the client, "John, I simply are not able to get any closer compared to this to the color you would like! " To which John replied. "Oh, OK... well, Now i'm color-blind anyway, so simply go with these colors and then! Doh!
The last thing you can do, whenever seeking a company to work with, would be to request samples. Some businesses will send them free of charge, while some will charge a nominal charge to print the document on the correct banner cloth ahead of time, then refund the actual fee when the order is positioned. And some simply charge for any prototype, with nothing returned on the order. You can choose recognise the business you prefer when going through the quotation process.
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